Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Selected Ghazals - Various Poets

I Still Remember

Shedding tears in silence I still remember
Those days of falling in love I still remember

Seeing you how speechless I would become
Your finger in your teeth I still remember

When you had no lover besides me
Tell me those flirtations if you still remember

In hiding you'd come to see me at that place
It has been ages but that palce I still remember

Telling this tale of my heart's sorrows listlessly
Turning the bracelets on your wrists I still remember

~Hasrat Mohani
Original in Urdu


Without You

So many seasons' caravans passed by without you
But I feel no happiness without you

Every moment the beetles desire your coming
Every petal is blooming in red without you

Even the signs of memories were washed away in tears
Alas! The whole earth is now a desert without you

Till yesterday the ship rolled joyously on the sea
That ship has now fallen into ruins without you

I thought of you while dreaming at nights
The evenings of my life passed by without you

Perhaps 'Zafer' could not bear being away from you
He took his last breath weeping continuously without you

~ Gautam Dhar 'Zafar'
Original in Hindi at:


Khayyam's House Tonight

You’ll see how love’s force prevails tonight
You’ll see the damsel leaning on my shoulders tonight

I see all aura wherever I gaze tonight
There is beauty as far as I can see tonight

Not to say of revelry in verses and fierce spirit
My house has turned into Khayyam's house tonight


Original in Urdu by ?

Dekhna jazb-e-mohabbat ka asar aaj ki raat
Mere shaane pe us shaukh ka ser aaj ki raat

Noor hi noor hai kis simt uthaun aankhen
husn hi husn hai tahad ki nazar aaj ki raat

Nagma-0-mey ka ye toofan-e-talab kya kehna
mera ghar ban gaya Khayyam ka ghar aaj ki raat


Note: Thanks to Rahul Pandita for sending me
original ghazals in Urdu under Khayyam's House Tonight


As It Was

Only mad Qais could see his beloved’s face, as it was
The wildrness of love, a far cry to others, as it was

Lunacy healed the scars of my burnt heart
Revealing its essence in smoke-whorls, as it was

I talked to you in my dreams all love-things
When I opened my eyes, no gain or loss it was

A beginner learning the ways of broken hearts
I haven’t what I had, what I lost, all lost it was

Only a shroud will cover my nakedness in death
In other attires, existing in disgrace it was

Farhad could not kill himself without the axe, Asad
A prisoner of traditions and taboos all it was

Note:Original Ghazal by Ghalib in Persian


What Pleasures He Found

You say you’ll keep my heart, “if lying around I found.”
What heart now to lose? Our destiny, haven’t already I found?

The essence of life through love I found
Curing some pains, unending suffering I found

Enemy of my heart is my own beloved
Shrugs off my sighs, hears not the complaints I found

In her playful innocence and games
Her cunning challenges I found

The buds blossomed today, I looked into my heart
Past sufferings of wounds and bleedings I found

I don’t know the where-abouts of my heart
But whenever I lost it, by you it was found

The preachers admonitions threw salt on my wounds
Would some body ask him what pleasures he found?

Note: Original in Persian by Ghalib


Your Caring Beloved

A gift of a diamond and your burnt heart’s wound has arrived
Congratulations, Asad! your caring beloved has arrived

jirdhat tohfih, almas armughan, dagh-e-jiggar hadiyah
mub arkabad Asad, ghmamkahr-e jan-e dardmand aya

~Original in Persian by Ghalib


May It Never Happen

What a heart not praying for a meeting may ever happen
I forget you and be still alive, may it never happen

Your love will remain as my life with me
This thing of deception, in my life may it never happen

It’s true no one dies in separation
Separation from each another, may it never happen

It is said love gives blessing to those
Who suffer in heart but their complaints never happen

The world has seen him and has tested him
Katil sacrifices himself but his complaints never happen

~Katil Shifai

Original in Hindi at
posted by Gautam Dhar 'Zafar'