Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kedarnath Singh ( ) Come/Even Without God


When you find time,
Come even when
You find no time.

Like the force
Comes in your hands,
Like the blood flows
In your veins,
Like the fire that
Slowly fires the stoves.

Like the tender thorns
That come on acacia trees
After the rains.

Tearing and shredding the days
And throwing promises to the winds,
Please come.

As Wednesdays come
After Tuesdays.
Please come.



Even Without God

How strange!
It is ten in the morning
And the world is going on its own,
Even without God.
The buses are full
Of crowded people as usual.
The postman with his bag
Hanging from his shoulder,
Is on his way as usual.

The banks open on time,
The grass grows as usual,
The accounts no matter how complex
Get added up in the end.
Those who want to live, live.
Those who want to die, die.
Even without God.

How strange!
The trains leave and arrive
Sooner or later at some
Station or the other.
The elections are held,
The air-planes fly in the air
Even without God.

The horses neigh,
The salt forms in the sea,
A sparrow wandering all day,
Comes back finally to its nest
Even without God.

Even without God,
My sorrows are heavy as ever.
The hair of the women I loved
Ten years ago, is still dark as ever.
When I get out of my home,
The force pulling me back,
Is still strong as ever.

How strange!
The water still flows,
And the bridge still stands
In the middle of the stream
Outstretching its arms,
Even without God.