Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kabir ( ) Hindi Poet

Jaise til mein tael hai, Jyon chakmak mein aag
Tera saayee tujh mein hai, Tu jaag sakey to jaag

Like the oil in the sesame seed,
Like the fire in flames,
Your Lord is within you.
Find him if you can.

Dheere dheere rey manah, dheere sub kuch hoye
Maali seenche sau ghara, ritu aaye phal hoye

Be patience, O my mind!
With patience you get everything.
A gardener may use
A hundred vessels of water,
The plants will bear fruits,
Only when the season comes.


Darling, come home

I am suffering without you,
Everyone says I am your woman,
But I am beginning to doubt it now.

You do not embrace me to your heart,
How can you say you love me?
I do not feel like eating,
Nor do I feel like sleeping.

I am restless at my home,
I long for you, my dear
Like thirsty long for the water.
Could someone who wishes well

Go and tell this to my lover:
Kabir is not doing well,
He’s going to die
Not seeing his lover.


Original in Bhijpuri/Punjabi

Baalam Avo Humre Geh Re,
Tum Bin Dukhiya Deh Re
Sab Koi Kahet Tumhari Nari,
Mo Ko Eehe Andeh Re
Dil Se Nahin Dil Lagayo,
Tub Laga Kaisa Sneh Re
Ek mek Ve Sej Na Soyo,
Tub Lug Kaisa Neh Re
Anna Na Bhave Neend Na Aave,
Ghar Bar Dhare Na Dheer Re
Kamin Hai Balam Pyara,
Jyon Pyase Ko Neer Re
Hai Koi Aisa Upkari,
Piv Se Kahun Sunaye Re
Ab To Behal Kabir Bhayo Hai,
Bin Dekhe Jiya Jaye Re