Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jayadeva ( ) Sanskrit Poet

Opening Verses of Gita Govinda

“Hey Radha!
Thick clouds are gathering in the sky
Over the woodlands of tamaala-trees,
It is getting dark fast
And he is feeling fearful.
Please take him home.”
Nanada thus asked Radha.

She leads Mahdva home.
But soon begins her passion-plays
On the way back home,
Under each tree,
In the groves on the banks
Where Yamuna river flows.
They are going to be amorous
In their passion-plays.



I, the kingly poet Jayadeva,
Am going to scribe Gita Govinda,
The love story of passions played
By Radha and Krishna in the following way.
Saraswati, the deity of speech,
Is now coloring my soul with stories,
Like the murals on house-walls.
I’ve become the king of poets
Worshipping at goddess-Lakshmi’s feet
And loving my wife, Padamavati,
Who put my lyrics to rhythms
By dancing on her feet.

O people of grace!
If you hearts are
Seeking Krishna’s love
And if you desire to know
How women flirt with men,
Then listen to Jayadeva’s song,
Singing praises of Krishna
In pleasing words.

Note: The rendering is from a literal English translation.


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