Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Balmukund Dave ( ) Gujrati Poet

While Vacating the Old Home

Several times I looked and found many things:
An old broom, a toothbrush, a piece of unused soap,
A cap-less bottle, an old tin waste-bin, a leaking-bucket,
A pair of broken glasses, clips, buttons, pins, a needle and thread.
I took the name-plate off my door and put it in the waiting truck.

I stood there to see fully the grounds
Where we spent the first ten years of happily married life.
My son, now like a king of gods, came here to our life.
Here too we sadly gave to the holy fires our other son.
He is calling now from a corner and saying:
“ Mommy, daddy, you forgot nothing to take with you,
Have you forgotten me?”
While taking my final steps, a sharp piece of broken glass
Pierces my bare foot and I see pearls
Of blood on the footprints l leave behind.

Note: The literal version of the original poem Junu Ghar Khali Karta was kindly sent to me by Maansi Mehta.


Blogger Hemal said...

This is great! Is there a place where I can find Gujarati poems in Gujarati? Thanks - Hemal

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